As the COVID-19 “Novel Coronavirus” continues its far-reaching spread across the world, it is our responsibility to take pre-emptive actions to help combat and inhibit the escalation thereof.  Hence, acting upon our aforementioned role and responsibility towards ourselves, yourselves, our families and friends, and the community we are a part of; we have decided to enforce a remote-working policy within our firm.

The decision aims at; first and foremost, the safekeeping and maintenance of staff and client health by minimizing their exposure to one another. Secondly, we seek to sustain our business functions to the best of our abilities to support your business-related and personal operations and requirements. Moreover, the decision has been adopted in light of our close supervision and oversight over the global development of the outbreak in general. Moreover, the very nature of the legal services we provide to you and the business relationship that adjoins us together requires periodic; and sometimes frequent, correspondence, meetings, phone calls, conference calls, and video conferences amongst others. As a result; and pursuant to our intention of continuity of business, we have enforced the following procedures and guidelines:

  • Our office working hours remain as is:
    Working Days Working Hours
    Sunday – Thursday 09:00 – 18:00 Gulf Standard Time (UTC + 4)
  • We have digitalized the majority of our work environment and documents
    for ease of transmittal.
  • Our infrastructure will allow our employees to work remotely with optimal functionality and efficiency. As a result, we will maintain our communications with you through electronic means of communication.


Reaffirming on our grounds for such, the safety and welfare of our employees, you, and our loved ones is our top priority. Simultaneously, the continuity of our business
is essential to support your operation and the wellbeing of your personal, commercial, and/or financial interests; and that of the greater community through these tough times. Although due to uncontrollable logistical reasons, our efficiency during the provision of our legal services to you is susceptible to a slight degradation, we take it upon ourselves; to the utmost of our ability, to maintain the same level of proficiency, efficiency,
and productivity amidst these conditions.

We will keep you informed of any further development or decision in our efforts to maintain safe continuity of business amidst the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. We wish you well during these challenging times.




MHLF (Mahmood Hussain Law Firm) and Mora & Associati are proud of this alliance since it will allow both law firms to offer our clients a seamless assistance for their international operations in the Emirates and Italy. We intend to offer an added value in the commercial relationship between Italian and Emirati Companies.