Legal Update: Decision No. 30 2020 issued by the Chief Justice of Dubai Courts

This update is pursuant to the issuance of the Decision No. 30 2020 issued by the Chief Justice of Dubai Courts.

The decision provides for the postponement of all the hearing before all the levels of the Dubai Courts, i.e. Court of First Instance, Court of Appeal and Courts of Cassation which are scheduled between 22nd March 2020 till 16th April 2020.
The hearings are intended to be resumed on 19th April 2020.

All the decisions that are being issued during the above mentioned time period will be filed online and will be available on the Dubai Courts website.

Any urgent matters that may require immediate assistance will not be affected and will be addressed in the usual manner in the Court of Urgent Matters.

Any and all petitions/ submissions that can be submitted online on the Dubai Courts website, must be submitted by using the smart system of Dubai Courts and shall not be submitted by personal attendance. All such petitions/ submissions that cannot be submitted online are exempted from this requirement and can be submitted personally.

MHLF (Mahmood Hussain Law Firm) and Mora & Associati are proud of this alliance since it will allow both law firms to offer our clients a seamless assistance for their international operations in the Emirates and Italy. We intend to offer an added value in the commercial relationship between Italian and Emirati Companies.