The litigation practice in the MHLF has been a cornerstone of the firm’s practice since its inception. Hence, we grant significant importance to this sector.

Our litigation attorneys handle cases from local litigation to complex international disputes. Our lawyers have rights of audience in Dubai Courts, all Emirates Courts and Tribunals, the Dubai International Financial Centre, the Rent Committee. As well as the Dubai International Arbitration Centre and other national and international arbitration centers. Our litigators find the most cost-effective and pragmatic solution for clients in litigation cases. We always get the best possible results whether the case ends at an early settlement or after going through a lengthy trial.

All aspects of litigation are covered including financial, transport, banking, commercial, employment, construction, and more. Our clients range from individuals, government bodies, and international corporations.

Our experience and expertise allow us to handle both local and international litigation disputes. Moreover, at MHLF, we ensure a client’s needs and legal battles are won through the integration of intimate legal knowledge and meeting litigation demands. We go above and beyond to ensure that an individual or company’s legal exposure is limited after an incident.

We offer a wide range of services including contract suits, recovery of damages, intercorporate and insurance disputes, international trade disputes, and intellectual property rights. Our litigation practice includes:

  • Consultation and advice on private settlements
  • Legal proceedings in all local and international UAE courts
  • Civil judgement, executions and funds recovery
  • Drafting legal notices, court proceedings, and settlement agreements
  • Civil claims filing
  • Drafting dispute resolution clauses for commercial contracts and private agreements
  • Representing our clients in criminal matters before the police department, local authority or public prosecution
  • Imposing travel bans
  • All and any other procedures and functions required to ensure our client gets a favorable ruling.

Our extensive knowledge allows us to find innovative solutions to the most challenging situations. We provide legal advice to clients whether they’ve been accused party or are victims. We ensure that you exercise your right to legal advice and defend you to the best of our ability.