Intellectual property

Some of the best restaurants, franchises, banks or technology companies are found in the UAE. However, with success comes the risk of your USPs being imitated. Intellectual property is always a matter of concern for individuals and corporations. Hence, a well-conceived and implemented Intellectual property rights policy helps to protect the domain of expertise and the furture
of organizations.

We provide bespoke intellectual property advisory services to best realize the potential in the value of your intellectual property rights.

Our thorough pre-filing service ensures the availability of the trademark for registration, providing an accurate, organized start to the process. Whether new to the region, expanding your business presence online, or entering into new commercial arrangements in the UAE, we provide bespoke intellectual property advisory services to structure commercial arrangements at the preliminary stages and place your business strategically to best realize the potential in the value of your intellectual property rights.

MHLF ensures complete legal protection or the creation, invention, patent or design of an idea or product for your corporation, literacy or artistic works. Our firm provides a full range of Intellectual Property services including registration, renewal, amendments, licensing patent protection, enforcement and litigation, trademarks, copyright, industrial design and portfolio management.

Telecom / Media

The digital boom of recent years has had an immense impact on industries and businesses around the world. With technology developing at rapid speeds it is becoming more and more important for companies to stay relevant and informed on all touchpoints. The telecommunications and media industries have had to redefine the way they operate, while consistently innovating to keep ahead of the pace. The blockchain, G5 and other technology platforms are the game changer in the commerce world.

Mahmood Hussain Corporate Division, led by experts in media, technology and finance, provides legal advice and guidance in the areas of media, corporate communications, digital platforms, telecommunications, event management and regulatory concerns. The managing partner of the company and head of the division has a proven track record in managing, advising, and consulting commercial and corporate entities to keep clients up to speed.

The UAE has always been a hub for innovation, leading the region in these industries. With a local and international presence, the firm is continuously informed on technological developments on a global scale. This puts our clients at an advantage, as members from our team are always ahead of leading developments, keeping them informed on all fronts.

Each client is dealt with in a unique way which caters exclusively to their needs. We structure our relationships to meet the objectives of each while answering to a variety of budgets. The teams allocated to each engagement are assessed to ensure that appropriately experienced members are used where needed, maximizing achievement within the means.

We remain heavily involved in our transactions from structure, to strategy, all the way through to implementation. With consistent follow up we ensure that legal matters that arise or may arise, are highlighted in order achieve a smooth transition every step of the way. This process provides our clients with both short and long term security and financial advantages.