Insurance companies aim at making profits and sometimes disputes arise when it comes to paying. Handling of this disputes requires a neutral entity who is aware of the law and who knows how commercial disputes can affect companies. 

Our insurance lawyers at Mahmood Hussain Advocates and Legal Consultancy, have the experience, skills, and expertise required to cost-effectively and quickly solve
these complex disputes. 

MHLF offers the policyholder legal solutions that help them claim their insurance. We have experience challenging different kinds of insurance disputes including property, automotive, short/long term disability, business owners, marine insurance claims,
and health or life claims. 


MHLF (Mahmood Hussain Law Firm) and Mora & Associati are proud of this alliance since it will allow both law firms to offer our clients a seamless assistance for their international operations in the Emirates and Italy. We intend to offer an added value in the commercial relationship between Italian and Emirati Companies.