Franchise & Company Set up

The vibrant business environment in the UAE, tourists seeking to buy from familiar brands, and the multicultural population makes the UAE a fertile franchising ground. 

The prospect of expanding businesses drives brand owners to the UAE while the local community benefits from operating their own business. 

The commercial agencies law 

This is a law considered in the case of franchise arrangements. For a contract to apply; 

  • A UAE national must be the owner of the company or be an entity owned entirely by UAE nationals. 
  • Exclusivity of the relationship is a must either to the territory or a specific product. 
  • The relationship between the two parties must be registered. 

Franchises are a common phenomenon in the UAE since it provides a good market for investors willing to test their products in a diverse population. Some of the common international brands include restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, food and beverage companies, ice cream shops, cloth designers, etc. The businesses are branded with international trademarks and provide international quality products. 

The legal team at MHLF believe that franchising will continue to be a huge investment opportunity. It will benefit both the local investors and global investors as they seek to expand their markets. 

MHLF has a dedicated franchise team uniquely positioned to help you make your business dream a reality. We guide you from the structuring to managing and growing the franchise. 

The MHLF team has years of experience and understands the legal issues associated with owning a franchise and the relationship that ensues between the two parties. 

We build long-term relationships with our franchise clients in the quest to ensure we deliver innovative and creative legal services throughout every growth stage.