Family and Personal Status

With a multitude of citizens from different nationalities and a huge expat population, we ensure that clients know their rights. We provide advice that ensures a smooth transaction in case of estate disposals or divorce. 

If you are considering getting a divorce or dealing with family matters, then Mahmood Hussain Advocates and Legal Consultancy is your answer. We listen to you and then provide you with advice on how to solve the issue. 

We try to ensure that all family disputes are handled either via mediation, negotiation, litigation, or collaboration. We handle cases with children with utmost care to intelligently guard their feelings and prevent them from being scarred for life. 

Hiring the team at MHLF ensures that we find all assets and income one of the partners may be trying to hide. We listen to and decide on child support and visitation rights. If the talks fail, then we help you get to trial. 

Family matters can be very sensitive such that leaked information can tun into huge scandals and front-page news on local dailies. To avoid this, cases are handled intelligently to avoid putting the family through