Construction & Engineering

Over the last few years, the UAE engineering and construction industry has been a key economic driver as the country is always seeking to improve its infrastructure. 

MHLF offers the construction and engineering sector clients comprehensive services for their dispute resolution and procurement issues. 

Our understanding of the law in this jurisdiction puts us at the forefront of meeting their needs and interests. Due to the sector’s diversity, our multilingual experienced lawyers have helped us meet their expectations. 

Some of the clients we have successfully represented include developers, contractors, financiers, project consultants, and major sub-contractors. 

We assist them in all contract interpretation and procedure aspects throughout the course of the project. These include: 

  •  Structuring and financing the project 
  •  Drafting contracts 
  •  Advising as the project continues 
  •  Project completion advice 
  •  Termination advise that extends to litigation and dispute resolution. 

MHLF prides itself of unparalleled expertise in the areas of environmental, civil engineering, development, infrastructure, and regeneration litigation. We deal with both complex and high-profile deals. 

Some of the projects we have worked on include: 

  •  Infrastructure projects including roads, dams, railways, water and
    sewerage systems and harbors 
  •  Residential developments especial high rises 
  •  Retail and factory developments 
  •  Education facilities, 
  •  Hospitals and healthcare institutions