By becoming a global community, UAE has opened its doors to a host of people from different nationalities willing to open businesses, live or work here. We are agile and seek to avoid disputes by proactively anticipating conflict areas before a client experiences them. However, when disputes happen, our team of dedicated lawyers move to neutralize any conflicting situation(s).

With a distinct team of qualified civil law and common law lawyers and attorneys, our arbitration practice provides operative and tailormade expertise to our clients. Drawing upon the resources of our network, we deploy teams that are adapted to the specific requirements of the dispute, in terms of both geographic as well as industry specific expertise.

Our objective is to resolve disputes to our clients’ satisfaction as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. We have the niche to develop and implement innovative commercial solutions for a favorable outcome for our clients in broad swathe of high-profile cases. The firm specializes in multiple forms of dispute resolution, with a particular focus on international arbitration, enforcement and cross-border disputes under various legal systems, and has an expert knowledge in investment arbitration, energy arbitration, litigation funding and claim assignment methods.

We regularly act on behalf of the clients in diverse disputes, both as Counsel and Arbitrators including, but not limited to, M&A disputes, corporate, construction, infrastructure, hospitality, insurance, IP, pharmaceutical, banking & finance, international contracts, trading, telecommunications sector. Our renowned Real Estate Litigation practice is known for representing reputable developers, contractors, investors, and subcontractors in the UAE. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in arbitration law in the UAE and under major legal systems and have merged with the highly valued culture at the courts. We have time and time again proved to be effective at handling arbitration cases. We have structured negotiation techniques that enable both parties to commit, communicate, and negotiate effectively.

Our experience extends to the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), DIFC-LCIA, ADGM, ADCCAD, CRCICA and the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC). Our team is efficient in handling arbitrations in global languages such as English, Arabic.

Our expertise can be seen in the high value and complex arbitrations that we have handled. We have also worked as co-counsel alongside some distinguished international firms to provide expert advice on UAE law. We have also a niche expertise in UAE/GCC laws governed arbitrations, handled in close coordination with a local civil law team. This separates us from many firms that do not have litigation functions or outsource (coordination problems), therefore that lack early involvement of litigation teams in the arbitrations and throughout the process till enforcement.

Some of our lawyers have been appointed as Tribunal Chairman, UAE legal expert and Sole Arbitrator. Treaty planning regarding investment protection mechanisms in multiple jurisdictions and related DR procedures is another area of expertise that the firm has.